Skin in the Game: Getting Kids Involved in College

Written by Stevens Group July 14, 2017

  Getting kids involved in college planning may be an excellent way to teach responsibility to young people -- a lesson that could reap benefits well beyond their college years. Children can earn money, learn about sources of financial aid, research potential colleges and take other steps that may relieve their parents of some of the responsibility of college planning.   Starting Early According to the U.S. Department of Education, the best time to introduce children to college planning is when they … Read more »

Company stock in your 401(k)? What Retirement Investors Need to Know

Written by Stevens Group June 26, 2017

Owning company stock in your employer-sponsored retirement plan is not necessarily a bad thing. Company stock can potentially help employees profit from a company's success and even provide tax benefits. But holding company stock can present unique risks, particularly if the stock allocation represents a large percentage of your total retirement plan assets.   Let's consider the case of Enron which, although occurring long ago, still raises some valid points. Enron filed for bankruptcy late in 2001 after … Read more »

Protecting Your Business From Scams

Written by Stevens Group

Fraudulent activity is on the rise   Approximately 1 in 18 Americans have their identities stolen each year. Among the many identity theft scams is an emerging hoax in which cybercriminals obtain remote control of computer systems to hack into sensitive employee information to steal identities. Thieves will then use a stolen social security number to file a tax return and claim a fraudulent refund. Criminals may also use stolen employer identification numbers to create false Forms W-2 to support refund … Read more »

Tax Planning: A Critical Factor When Investing in Retirement.

Written by Stevens Group May 10, 2017

  Managing taxes for maximum benefit in retirement requires careful planning. You’ll need to consider the tax implications of different investments. You’ll also want to think through how you make withdrawals from taxable and tax-deferred accounts. Following are a few key considerations for effective money management during your later years.   Less Taxing Investments   Municipal bonds, or "munis," have long been used by retirees seeking a tax-advantaged investment. In general, the interest paid … Read more »

Applying for Social Security Benefits at Age 62.

Written by Stevens Group

  Thinking about retiring?   Early retirement is an option for many taxpayers. However, before making the decision, you need to be aware of a few facts.   It’s important to understand that the more years of work you put in after the age of 62 (the earliest possible social security retirement age), the more social security benefits you’ll have to look forward to. Retiring at the age of 62 means that your benefits will be about 25 percent lower than they would be if you waited until you reached … Read more »

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