When should I add my new teen driver to my auto policy?

Written by Stevens Group August 8, 2017

  Stevens Insurance Agency requires new teen drivers to be added to a parent or guardian’s auto policy or take out their own policy once they get their license. If your teen driver only has a learner’s permit, he or she is automatically covered under your policy—so no need to touch base with your Stevens Insurance agent just yet.   Add to my policy or get their own?   Deciding whether to add newly licensed drivers to your existing auto policy or have them take out their own policy comes down … Read more »

Add Housing Decisions to Your List of Retirement Priorities

Written by Stevens Group

  Where and how you choose to live out your retirement years could be one of your most important decisions. Choosing whether to relocate or to stay rooted in your hometown, to remain in your current home or to trade down to a smaller residence are important questions that involve a host of lifestyle and cost-of-living issues.   Making a Move   Selling your existing home and relocating to a more affordable house or condominium may be a reasonable option if you have considerable home equity and … Read more »

Does IRA Conversion and/or HSA benefit you?

Written by Stevens Group August 7, 2017

  Converting a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA   Special rules for rollovers   If Roth IRAs are held long enough, the distributions are tax-free, meaning you may never have to pay tax on the earnings. This factor alone makes many taxpayers consider rolling their traditional IRA contributions over to a Roth IRA. While you certainly can do this, it’s important to note that the rules for rollover contributions differ from the rules for making regular contributions to a Roth account. Following are a … Read more »

You Love It, We Insure It

Written by Stevens Group July 14, 2017

by Alex Buczynski     Learn how to protect your favorite toys from accidents, bad weather and more.   ATVs If you like to explore the great outdoors on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), it’s a good idea to add yours to your existing auto policy. The good news is that Stevens Insurance Agency has several companies that have a 12-month policy but factors in seasonal usage.   This means you get year-round coverage at a better rate since it’s likely that you typically only use an ATV for a … Read more »

Medical Expense Deductions in Unusual Circumstances

Written by Stevens Group

    Do any of these deductions apply to you?   On occasion, clients will have certain medical expenses that seem obscure on the surface, but are in fact tax deductible. Some of these deductions might surprise you, but they may also apply to you and your unique circumstances.   They include:   • Lasik eye surgery.   • Prescribed herbal supplements for migraine headaches.   • Hearing-aid batteries.   • Wigs for those dealing with hair loss.   • Costs … Read more »

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