Year-End Planning: Investment Decisions to Make Before the Year Is Over

Written by Stevens Group December 8, 2017

  What's on your end-of-the-year to-do list? Shopping for gifts? Making travel plans? What about spending some time with your investments? Conducting a review and making important decisions before 2017 comes to a close may help you lower your tax bill and get your portfolio on the right track for 2018.   Review, Reassess, Rebalance   Year-end is an ideal time to review your portfolio to see if investments are performing as you expected when you chose them and to help ensure your asset allocation … Read more »

Year-End Tax Planning

Written by Stevens Group

  Another year is rapidly coming to a close which is the perfect time to plan strategies to reduce your federal income tax for 2017.   Whether you are an individual tax filer or a business tax filer, year-end planning can save you income tax. Common ways to save tax is claiming contributions of either cash or non-cash items to charities. If you are a business owner you can be strategic about major purchases. Maximize the education credit deduction buy paying tuition by December 31. … Read more »

9 Life Changes to Tell Your Insurance Agent About

Written by Stevens Group

  Keeping up with the speed of life is hard. Whether you’re getting married, expecting a baby, or getting ready to downsize, it’s important to talk to your Stevens Insurance agent about what these changes mean for your insurance needs. Read through the list below to see if any of the following scenarios apply to you and your family.   1. You’re getting married (or divorced). Making sure your spouse-to-be is protected by the right life insurance, insuring a new home, putting both names on any auto … Read more »

Benefit from a charitable contribution deduction without using SCH A itemized deductions on your tax return

Written by Stevens Group November 28, 2017

  If you are not able to itemize charitable deductions on your tax return, you can still benefit from a charitable deduction by taking a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA.   If it is structured correctly, your Required Minimum Distribution can be used as a charitable contribution and NOT taxable on your return, even if you do not have enough deductions to itemize.   What is a qualified charitable distribution?   Generally, a qualified charitable distribution is an … Read more »

Sizing Up Stocks: All About Market Caps

Written by Stevens Group

  For investment purposes, companies generally can be categorized in one of three broad groups based on their size -- large-cap, midcap and small-cap. “Cap” is short for market capitalization, which is the value of a company on the open market.   To calculate a company's market capitalization, you’d multiply its stock's current price by the total number of outstanding shares. For example, if a company issues one million shares of stock trading for $50 each, its market capitalization would be $50 … Read more »

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